Membership Eligibility

Members must be an enrolled student of Monta Vista High School who has:

  1. An overall B grade or better in Chinese and other academic subjects.
  2. Displays good character, leadership, and service.
  3. Has taken/Is taking Chinese 3 or higher*

*Exceptions include if the student is a native speaker or has learned Chinese elsewhere. If you fit this category, your proficiency will be judged by the advisor.

Active Membership/ Point System

In order to be considered an active member*, you must**

  1. Complete and turn in the NCHS membership application and MV CHS application.
  2. Have a total of at least 8 Membership Points per school year. If you join second semester, you only need 4 points for that semester. All new and active members start with 0 points. Every tutorial shift you attend counts as 1 point.
  3. Participate in club activities outside of school throughout the year. Points will vary based on each activity.
  4. Submit an unofficial transcript each year.
  5. Attend the mandatory lunchtime membership meetings every other month (Please contact advisor or officers if you cannot make it).

*Only active members will receive official NCHS certificates of membership in their senior year. Active members should have total of 8 points per year, with the exception of those who join second semester.

**Failure to fulfill the above requirements will mean you are an inactive member. Inactive members must make up the points the following school year. One school year of complete inactivity will result in removal from the club.


  1. If a member signs up for a tutorial shift but does not attend, he/she will be penalized by losing 1 point.
  2. If a member signs up for an activity shift but does not attend, he/she will also be penalized by losing 1 point.
  3. If a member does not attend a lunchtime membership meeting, he/she will be penalized by losing 1 point. The ONLY exception is if the member provides a legitimate reason at least two days beforehand.
  4. Any member caught cheating, vandalizing, or doing any wrongful acts to club property will be penalized by losing 10 points. The member will also pend expulsion from the club, depending on the severity of the case.
  5. The only way members can make up points are by attending extra tutorial shifts or activity shifts.